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Sexual Abuse Claims

Childhood Sexual Abuse In California

Sexual abuse is deeply traumatizing, especially for victims who are children at the time of the abuse. A lot of child victims do not realize that they have been abused or have been victims of sexual assault. They often do not have the knowledge or vocabulary to disclose what has happened to them, and it can lead to repression, denial, and a litany of other mental health issues.

Fortunately, California law has recently been updated to take victim trauma into consideration. Prior to the law change, childhood abuse survivors had to file a lawsuit by the time they turned 26 or within three years of realizing that their current psychological issues were the result of abuse. If they did not file within those windows, they lost the chance to do so. However, the state has now come to the conclusion that victims should be afforded more time to come to grips with what was done to them. Today, in the state of California, childhood sexual abuse survivors now have until they are 40 to file and can file up to five years after the realization that their mental illness is tied to their abuse.


Competent Child Sexual Abuse Attorney Los Angeles CA

Dealing with child sexual abuse or sexual assault is something most children could not even comprehend or even imagine happening to them. This kind of ordeal is taxing on all fronts, and when dealing with this case, it goes without question that they need the help of a competent child sexual abuse attorney from Los Angeles CA law firm Abogado Maximo. Sexual abuse lawyers  from the law office can help guide you every step of the way by providing legal guidance that’ll help you get acquainted with the law. 

Don’t wait any longer, as time is of the essence. Schedule an appointment right now with a child sexual abuse attorney from Abogado Maximo, who can help you with every step of the legal process. Child sexual abuse lawyers can help you understand your rights as well as prepare you mentally and emotionally for your child sex abuse case. There is no better person to call for representation than a child sexual abuse attorney from Los Angeles law firm Abogado Maximo. Schedule an appointment right now. 

Why do I need a Child Sexual Abuse Attorney in Los Angeles?

If you have recently uncovered an abusive past or have been living with the burden of an abusive past for too long, it is time to take a stand. Call Abogado Maximo to discuss the details of your case. We can recommend therapists, file lawsuits, and help you unpack what was done to you. Filing a lawsuit against your abuser can help you to take your power back, and we want to be by your side every step of the way. Our legal team is well-versed in the delicate nature of these cases. We just want to help you get your life back on track.

If you or a loved one have suffered childhood sexual abuse, then call us for representation. Our attorneys can and do represent a variety of victims, including:

  • Abuse victims with claims against a single adult
  • Abuse victims with claims against an institution like
    • The Catholic Church
    • The Boy Scouts of America
    • A school district or after-school program
    • Or other large entities and institutions

Schedule an appointment right now with Abogado Maximo. The law firm has been servicing clients in the Southern California area for more than 20 years in varying areas ranging from personal injury to auto accidents, helping their clients get back on their feet. The attorney can provide clients with:

  • Maximum, aggressive representation to help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Legal counsel in English and Spanish.
  • Quality representation and negotiation skills to help you get your life back on track. 

There is no better ally to have in this battle than a seasoned lawyer. Call the attorney from Abogado Maximo right now. 

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Child abuse can occur in many different ways, including physical and mental injuries, neglect, or sexual abuse. It can involve sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual harassment, or the endangerment of a minor. There are many cases of this crime that result in the termination of parental rights, incarceration, or both.

If you or a loved one is a sexual abuse victim dealing with child abuse cases, it is best to get in touch with a child sexual abuse attorney from Los Angeles, CA law firm Abogado Maximo who can help you through every step of your ordeal. 

What are the Signs of Child Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is a difficult subject to discuss – and it’s often not talked about. For this reason, children may not talk about it even if they are being physically or sexually abused. Victims of child sexual abuse may be threatened by the abuser, who may also bribe them or tell them they will not be believed.

Among the following are the common signs of child sexual abuse:

  • Changes in behavior, such as a child becoming aggressive, withdrawn, clingy, having trouble sleeping, having nightmares regularly, or wetting the bed are signs that intervention is needed.
  • Children who have been abused by a family member try to avoid spending time alone with that person or may even seem afraid of them.
  • Physical problems can lead to other issues. For example, the child may develop health problems such as soreness in the genital and anal areas or develop sexually transmitted infections, or they may even become pregnant.
  • If you are being abused at home, it can be hard to focus or learn. It also might cause your grades to start to drop.
  • Children may also try to provide indirect clues that they are being abused without directly stating it.

If you know someone dealing with child sexual abuse in Los Angeles, get in touch right now with a child sexual abuse attorney from Abogado Maximo. 

Who Can Sue for Child Sexual Abuse?

It may be possible for a child or a person who takes care of them (the parent or guardian) to sue for child sexual abuse. The child can do this by suing for the abuse’s physical, emotional, and other consequences. The caregivers may also sue for their own emotional distress and any harm that resulted from it. Learn more about emotional distress damages in personal injury cases.

When you go to a trial, one of the things your lawyer will argue is whether you can sue for child sexual abuse in multiple ways. For instance, one type of plaintiff could argue for negligence, and another could argue for intentional infliction of emotional distress. That way, if the jury decides the defendant was liable for crimes under both theories, the amount of damages received by the plaintiff will be more, and they’ll have a better chance of winning their case.

What are Child Protective Services?

Each state has a children protective services agency that will look into reports of neglect and abuse. If the government social workers are concerned that there’s an imminent danger, they may take the child away from his or her parent’s custody to be placed in foster care until it becomes clear that the home environment is safe. In more serious cases of child mistreatment, the investigating agency may even request help from a court in order to terminate his or her parental rights. When this happens, the child may be put up for adoption after becoming permanently removed.

What Are Mandatory Reporting Laws?

There are a number of professions, such as teachers, doctors, nurses, and social workers, who typically have to report if they find out or suspect that a child is being harmed. By mandating this type of reporting, states promote early intervention to protect the child better.

Mandatory reporting laws often apply to individuals such as teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and law enforcement personnel. These laws provide protection by making it so that these types of individuals can’t be sued if their suspicion turns out to be wrong. In many cases, not reporting child abuse is also punishable by fines or jail time.

Call our Los Angeles Child Sexual Abuse Attorney Now!

Child abuse is a serious crime that leaves many lasting scars on the victim’s life that can impact them as they age. This kind of crime must not be tolerated or enabled; thus, legal help is needed immediately to give justice to the victim. The damages that you can pursue in a personal injury lawsuit will depend on the facts of your case.

If you know someone who is suffering from a child sexual abuse case, know that it is best to report the incident and immediately get in touch with Abogado Maximo’s child sexual abuse attorney. An attorney can help you through every step of the way and ensure that you get your life back on track. Schedule an appointment right now to get sound legal advice on your options.

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