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Motorcycle Accidents

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being on motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle puts you closer to nature and the wonders of the open road. Unfortunately, this closeness to nature and the road is also what makes riding a motorcycle more dangerous. Motorcycle riders have very little protection from their surroundings.

When a lack of protection is combined with reckless driving, the result can be catastrophic. No matter how safe a motorcycle rider you are, the fact is that you can’t control the actions of others. If you have been injured by another driver’s recklessness, contact Abogado Maximo to learn more about your legal rights, and the options you may have to pursue compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

At Abogado Maximo, we help clients who are dealing with all sorts of auto accidents, including motorcycle accidents. The most common causes of motorcycle accidents we see include:

  • Driver inattention: Motorcycles are much smaller than automobiles, which can make them less visible to other drivers. When car and truck drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings (i.e., texting, reading, applying makeup), it is easier for them to miss a motorcycle on or near the road.
  • Road hazards: It is the responsibility of state and local governments to maintain roadways and keep them free of hazards. Motorcycle riders are especially at risk when there are road hazards like potholes, loose gravel, or debris.
  • Speeding: Every year, thousands of people are injured in auto accidents caused by speeding. For motorcycle riders, this danger is exacerbated by the lack of protection or seat belts.

These are a few of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. There are numerous individual factors that may contribute to accidents, which is why you should contact an attorney to discuss the facts of your case.