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Recent Settlements



Immer P.
San Francisco, CA
Personal Injury
The client was in a work-related tree trimming incident in which he was injured when he fell off a ladder.


Carlos V.
Santa Ana, CA
Personal Injury
The settlement awarded to worker against a third party after Carlos was thrown off a ladder in a work-related accident.


John D.
Product Liability
The settlement was awarded to John for a brain injury caused by a defective product.


Jack D.
Medical Malpractice
The settlement was awarded to Jack for a brain injury sustained due to medical negligence as a result of a failure to diagnose properly at a hospital.


Marcos R.
Lynwood, CA
Insurance Bad Faith Disability Claim
The settlement was awarded to Marco after he suffered a disabling injury while working as a truck driver. The insurer that issued the occupational injury policy denied his claim. The case was settled against the insurer in 2016.


Angel C.
La Puente, CA
Wrongful Death
The settlement was granted to the children of a driver that was killed in a motor vehicle collision.


Antonio C.
Insurance Bad Faith for Breach of Duty to Settle
The settlement was awarded after an insurance company refused to properly pay for damages. Antonio was heavily injured (including brain damage) after being physically beaten in a bar. A lawsuit was filed after the security company’s insurance refused to pay an initial judgment that was granted against them.


Verdict against XYZ Co. – August 2018
Insurance Bad Faith Action
The settlement was for a breach of duty to defend and indemnify the client properly.


Verdict against XYZ, Co.
Insurance Bad Faith Property Damage
The settlement was awarded to the contracted builder for property damage to condominiums due to an engineering error.


David K.
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
The settlement was granted to a home buyer against a real estate broker for undisclosed defects in the property.


Xochitl M.
Automobile Defect Claim
The settlement was granted to Xochitl after she was injured after the car she was riding in as a passenger was involved in a rear-end collision. She was injured due to a defective seatbelt.


Multiple Plaintiffs
Insurance Bad Faith Wildfire Claims
The settlement was granted to a group of homeowners that suffered property damage due to smoke from a wildfire.


Armored Car Security Co.
Insurance Bad Faith Theft Claim
The settlement was granted to the armored car security company. They suffered a loss by theft and when they filed a claim, their insurance company denied the claim and attempted to void the policy alleging that the insured party had committed fraud.


John Doe
Construction Defect Claim
The settlement was granted to a property buyer after it was discovered that the property was built on improper soil and had an improper slope. The claim was filed against the engineers that built the property.

Confidential Settlement

Robert C.

Insurance Bad Faith and Punitive Damages

The settlement was granted to Robert after his property was demolished when a truck crashed into it. The insurance company did not pay the full benefits and interfered with Robert’s claim against the third party responsible for the collision. The case went to trial and resulted in a verdict for bad faith, breach of contract, and punitive damages. This case was the first of its kind for including an award that multiplied punitive damages under the elder abuse clause under California Civil Code 3345.


Auto Tire Defect Claim

The settlement was awarded to Mr. Paz after he was involved in a single car accident due to a defective tire. The tire came apart while he was driving and the vehicle rolled.

The cases on this web page were handled by Attorney Joshua Haffner at his current or prior firms.

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