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Broken Bone Lawyer Los Angeles CA

Broken Bone Lawyer Los Angeles CA

One of the most excruciating injuries is a broken bone. When a reckless or negligent party caused your bone fracture, work with our competent Los Angeles Broken Bones Attorney from Abogado Maximo to obtain justice and compensation through the process of filing an injury claim.

Our bodies are designed to be resilient and able to withstand minor falls and scrapes. Unfortunately, your body is not made of titanium, so this means you can sustain injuries in accidents. Your bones are resilient, but they can be fractured,cracked, and broken under sufficient pressure and traumatic force.

When your bones break, you may experience excruciating pain, have mobility issues for a time, and the bone may take a long time to heal. In certain instances, bones will not heal correctly, and your life will never be the same again. You can file a personal injury claim in California against the party responsible for your injuries, and our broken bone lawyer in Los Angeles, CA can assist you.

Why Do I Need a Broken Bones Attorney in California?

Abogado Maximo has defended the legal rights of victims with broken bones for years, and we are known not only for obtaining the highest possible compensation for our clients, but also for providing them with exceptional customer service and prompt communication.

Our Los Angeles Broken Bones Attorney can assist you in obtaining full compensation for your injury. We are fully aware of the difficulties and discomfort that a broken bone injury will cause, and we know precisely how to negotiate your insurance claim.

The majority of fractures and broken bones are caused by automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and work-related accidents (forklift, company car, heavy machinery, etc.). If they are at fault, we will hold the driver or owner of the vehicle responsible for your injuries. 

Additionally, our broken bone lawyer in Los Angeles, CA has experience with broken bone injury cases involving distracted drivers, slip and fall accidents, and premises liability.

What Constitutes Broken Bones?

Broken bones, including fractures, are caused by accidents that result in a significant impact on the body. These incidents include slips and falls, trips and falls, and vehicle collisions. The force must be sufficient to fracture or break something as solid as your bones. Bones can shatter into multiple fragments, become disjointed, or become misaligned.

The process of repairing broken bones involves two steps: first, the bone is repaired if it is partially or completely fractured. The subsequent step entails realigning the bone so that it fits into its original position and does not affect your posture or daily movement.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Broken Bones?

Our personal injury attorney handles numerous claims for broken bone injuries resulting from a wide variety of accidents. Among the most common causes of bone fractures are the following:

Bicycle Crashes

Although all motorists must be aware of bicyclists on the road, bicycle accidents result in numerous broken bones. Due to the size and weight disparity between a car and a bicycle, bicyclists who are involved in an accident with a car may sustain severe injuries. 

Our Los Angeles Broken Bones Attorney understands the significance of establishing liability to support your compensation claim.

Car Collisions

Any car collision has the potential to cause injuries such as broken bones. In high-speed accidents and head-on collisions, catastrophic injuries such as bone fractures are common.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places. Broken bones may be sustained by construction workers and others due to falling equipment and unsafe conditions.

Pedestrian Accidents

Even though drivers have a responsibility to drive responsibly, pedestrian accidents continue to occur daily. Given the lack of protection, accidents involving pedestrians almost always result in severe injuries, most commonly broken bones.

Accidents Involving Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents occur even though property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment. Working to establish this negligence needs the help of our personal injury attorney. 

What Are the Different Types of Broken Bones Injuries?

Broken and fractured bones exist in a variety of forms. Not only are there numerous types of bones that are commonly fractured in accidents, but there are also numerous types of fractures. Your injury must be correctly diagnosed. Injured victims must be able to receive the appropriate treatment for their particular fracture.

Your bone injury may not heal correctly, and you may experience long-term complications if you do not receive treatment. In extreme circumstances, doctors may need to perform a second operation to repair the bone injury. The following are some of the most common types of broken bone injuries:

Displaced Fractures

With a displaced fracture, not only has the bone cracked, but bone fragments have also become separated. In certain instances, displaced fractures require surgery.

Non-Displaced Fractures

A non-displaced fracture is one in which the bone has cracked (either partially or completely), but the alignment has not been disturbed. This is one of the most frequent types of bone fractures.

Stable Fractures

In addition to non-displaced fracture, the term “stable fracture” may also be heard. Typically, this is one of the least severe types of bone fractures. With a stable fracture, the majority of the bone’s structure remains intact. This expedites the healing process and reduces recovery time.

Open Fractures

Open fractures, also known as “compound fractures,” occur when the bone punctures the skin, creating an open wound. This is also a very serious injury, with a very high risk of infection.

Closed Fractures

In the case of a closed fracture, the bone does not penetrate the skin. This does not imply that this type of injury is not severe. In many instances, closed fractures can result in long-lasting or even permanent damage. Always, immediate medical treatment is required.

Simple Fractures

A simple fracture is a clean break between bones with minimal separation. This is a closed fracture, which is typically easier to treat than more complicated fractures.

Greenstick Fractures

A greenstick fracture is a type of broken bone injury in which a portion of the victim’s bone bends rather than breaks. This type of injury is notably prevalent among young children.

Transverse Fractures

This is a simple fracture occurring at a right angle. As this is a particularly clean break, it is one of the easiest types of fractures to treat, and it generally heals well.

Oblique Fractures

These fractures occur at an angle that is slanted or curved. The complex angle of the fracture can complicate the healing process. With oblique fractures, both prompt medical care and comprehensive rehabilitation are crucial.

Linear Fractures

This type of fracture most commonly affects long bones, such as those in the arms and legs. It is a fracture that extends through the bone and is notoriously painful for the victim.

Spiral Fractures

Twisting fractures characterize spiral fractures. Another excruciatingly painful injury. Typically, spiral fractures occur when the victim’s foot or hand becomes caught in or pinned beneath an object.

Comminuted Fractures

This is among the most severe types of bone fractures. It occurs when a bone is fractured from multiple impact points. This is commonly known as the “shattering” of a bone.

What Are the Different Signs of a Broken Bone?

In the aftermath of an accident, victims can be unaware that they have sustained a fracture. If a victim of an accident displays any of the following symptoms, medical attention should be sought:

  • The region appears deformed as if bent or twisted in an odd direction
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Unable to utilize the affected area
  • An ache that intensifies with pressure or movement

X-rays and other imaging techniques can be used to diagnose a suspected bone fracture.

What to Do Following a Broken Bone Injury Accident?

If you were involved in an accident that resulted in broken bones, you may choose to take the following steps:

Do not leave the scene of the accident until paramedics or emergency medical services personnel arrive. Call 911. The paramedics on the scene will evaluate your injuries, and you may be transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance for treatment. Obtain a copy of the report of the accident or incident. Photograph the accident scene, including any vehicle damage. 

Obtain the contact information of any potential witnesses. Be sure to maintain records of all of your medical documentation, such as discharge papers, emergency care bills, surgery reports, medical prescriptions, diagnostic testing, and an estimate of future costs from your physician.

If you are contacted by the insurance company of the party at fault, you should refrain from giving a recorded statement or signing any document before consulting with our trained Los Angeles Broken Bones Attorney. Abogado Maximo provides a free case evaluation.


We are aware that a catastrophic injury can have lasting effects on your family. Let us help you pursue compensation for your injuries and damages.

What Are the Different Treatment Options for Broken Bones?

Depending on the fracture’s severity and location, possible treatments include:

  • Splints
  • Surgery
  • Casts
  • Traction
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Providing pain medication
  • The administration of antibiotics (primarily to prevent infection in open fractures)

These treatment options may cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, victims of accidents may be able to seek compensation for these costs by filing a claim for personal injury. Our versed California personal injury attorney can evaluate a claim and determine the types of possible compensation.

Who Can Be Held Legally Liable for Your Broken Bones Injury?

When you have broken bones, it is important to determine who caused your accident. Working with our broken bone lawyer in Los Angeles, CA can assist you in pinpointing the individual or entity responsible for your accident. 

Answering the following questions will assist you in identifying the responsible party, allowing you to seek compensation from the proper individual.

Where Did Your Accident Take Place?

For example, if your accident occurred at work, you will have to deal with workers’ compensation to receive compensation for your injuries. You will not be required to prove fault to obtain workers’ compensation coverage. 

Rather, if you were injured in the normal course of your work duties (and not because you chose to slack off, engage in horseplay, or engage in other activities that violate the terms of your workers’ compensation policy), you will be automatically covered. 

Alternatively, if your accident occurred in a store or other establishment, you may be required to seek compensation from that entity.

Who Breached a Duty of Care Toward You During Your Accident?

When you think about the concept of a duty of care, you may envision a nursing home or hospital where nurses, doctors, and other individuals are responsible for the care of their patients. 

Doctors and nurses have breached their duty of care if they permit a slip and fall accident in these circumstances, particularly if the patient has a known fall risk. If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you must evaluate the breach of a duty of care regardless of where your injury occurred. For instance:

  • All drivers on the road owe a duty of care to other drivers. Drivers must exercise caution, observe traffic laws, and avoid injuring other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • In a store or restaurant, you can reasonably anticipate that the floors and facilities will be maintained. The facility has likely breached its duty of care owed to you if you slip and fall due to rotting floors.
  • You can assume that hazards in a public space will be accompanied by clear warnings. For instance, a freshly mopped floor without a wet floor sign could constitute a breach of a facility’s duty of care.

What Damages Can I Recover for My Broken Bone Injury?

You may wonder, following the diagnosis of your injury, what damages you can recover in a lawsuit. In personal injury cases, California separates compensatory damages into economic damages and non-economic damages. Our knowledgeable Los Angeles Broken Bones Attorney fights for the compensation you deserve based on an evaluation of your damages.

Economic Damages 

The purpose of economic damages is to compensate you for monetary losses directly related to your injuries. Among these types of damages are the following:

  • Past and projected medical costs
  • Lost income
  • Loss of prospective earnings
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medication
  • Property damage

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are losses that are subjective and personal and result from your injury. These losses vary substantially from person to person and cannot be supported by tangible evidence such as receipts or bills. Typical non-economic damages awarded include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of life’s pleasure
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loss of consortium

The difficulty in establishing non-economic damages does not diminish their significance. Typically, non-economic damages provide victims with the long-term support they require to deal with the emotional and physical consequences of their injury.

Should I Simply Let Workers’ Compensation Cover Me If I Suffer a Broken Bone Injury at Work?

If you suffer a broken bone injury at work, you will require more compensation than worker’s compensation provides. Typically, an employer’s insurance company or workers’ compensation covers workplace accidents and injuries. However, this coverage is limited, and many employers will occasionally contest a valid injury claim.


We consider this to be unjust, and our dependable legal team at Abogado Maximo will demand justice on your behalf. Since personal injury claims are subject to a statute of limitations, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. Abogado Maximo provides free case evaluation with our Los Angeles Broken Bones Attorney

What is California’s Statute of Limitations for Broken Bone Injury Claims?

Generally, individuals have two years from the date of an accident to file a lawsuit for personal injury. This time limit is referred to as the statute of limitations. If a claimant fails to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party by this date, the claimant will likely be barred from recovering any damages. 

The claimant is responsible for all incident-related damages, including medical expenses. As negotiation with the insurance company is typically the initial step in a personal injury claim, it is crucial to retain legal representation as soon as possible after an accident. Obtaining medical records, bills, and other forms of evidence may also require several weeks or longer.

Contact Us Regarding Your Broken Bone Injury Claim

Abogado Maximo’s legal team has worked tirelessly to assist accident victims in holding negligent parties accountable when they cause harm, drawing on years of combined legal experience. It makes no difference whether your broken bone was caused by a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a pedestrian accident, a work accident, or a slip and fall.  We have assisted many victims of personal injury and wrongful death in obtaining full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Contact our qualified Los Angeles Broken Bones Attorney immediately for answers to your inquiries.

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