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Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney

Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney


Back injuries caused by the negligence of other people can vary significantly from one injury victim to the next, but nearly every type of back injury can have a significant impact on your life, therefore it is critical to seek medical assistance as soon as possible following an accident. After taking care of your medical needs, you should talk to a Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney right away. You have the right to be reimbursed for injuries caused by another person’s negligence.


Due to the wide range of body parts that may have been affected, such as ligaments, muscles, tendons, and the spinal cord, back injuries present a particularly difficult type of personal injury case. Back injuries are typically difficult to prove for a variety of reasons. Our Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney at Abogado Maximo has the legal knowledge and experience to assist you with your case and, if necessary, to represent you in court. Contact our law firm immediately to discuss your back injury case.

Why Do I Need a Back Injury Attorney in California?

You may question whether it is necessary to retain legal counsel to recover compensation for your recent back injury. While the state of California does not require its residents to hire a back injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA to file a civil claim, pursuing compensation alone is rarely the most effective way to win a positive outcome in your case. 


Worse, dealing with a personal injury claim while recovering physically from your injuries and the stress of your impending financial burden can quickly become overwhelming. If the injury is a workplace back injury, you may be concerned about whether workers’ compensation will cover the damages. 


It is natural to wonder if an auto insurance claim against the other driver’s policy would even begin to cover your losses if you were injured in a car accident. Sadly, back injuries are frequently severe and likely to result in long-term medical complications. 


To ensure you recover as fully as possible, it is crucial to approach your case with a clear understanding of your legal options and the full extent of your damages with the help of our Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney.

What is Considered a Back Injury?

A spinal injury or back injury can be minor, like muscle strains, or severe, like paralysis. They may affect the spinal column, vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, skeletal structure, or particular organs. If a motorist knocks you off your bicycle, you may fracture some of the back’s delicate bones. 


If you fall on an icy walkway, you could suffer complete spinal cord injury, tear a ligament, or strain your lower back muscles. One of the conditions that can result from a traumatic back injury is spondylolisthesis. Symptoms include leg and gluteal pain, lower back pain, and muscle weakness. 


Depending on the severity of the condition, extensive physical therapy or even surgery may be required. The same holds for other types of back injuries.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Back Injury?

Among the most frequently cited causes of back injuries in California are:

Workplace Accidents

Some industries are inherently more hazardous than others, and an accident at work can easily cause a severe injury of the back. If you were injured on the job in California, you have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation to recover compensation for medical expenses and missed wages. To recover the full extent of your monetary damages, you may require additional legal action.

Vehicle Accidents

In California, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of accidental injuries. Unfortunately, if another driver collided with your car and caused your back injury, their auto insurance coverage may not be sufficient to cover all of your losses. To recover the remainder of your damages, our Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney can help you file a claim for personal injury against the driver.

Premises Liability Accidents

The law requires property owners to ensure their premises are secure for lawful visitors. Consider a slip and fall or any other incident that resulted in a back injury due to improper property maintenance. Our back injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA can assist you in filing a premises liability claim to hold the owner accountable for your damages.

Dog Attacks

The state of California enforces strict liability for injuries caused by dogs. This means that the dog’s owner is strictly liable for the victim’s damages if the dog bites someone or knocks them to the ground and causes injury. Regardless of whether the dog has a known history of aggression, liability remains in place.

Interpersonal Violence

If you were robbed or assaulted and sustained a back injury as a result, the aggressor would face criminal prosecution as well as civil liability for your back injury and any other damages they caused.


This list is not exhaustive of the causes of back injuries in California. However, it is important to note that whether you have legal recourse depends on whether the injury was caused by the actions of another party. After sustaining a back injury due to someone else’s negligence, the best resource to consult is an accident attorney.

What Are the Typical Types of Back Injuries?

While some back injuries are caused by simple overuse or misuse of muscles, many are the result of someone else’s negligence. This person may be a business owner or an individual. If they have caused an injury to a person (or persons), they are likely liable. Moreover, if you were injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation, depending on the specifics of your claim.

These are some of the most frequently reported types of back injuries that can result from the carelessness or negligence of another person:


Paraplegia is a form of paralysis in which the ability to control anything below the waist is severely limited or lost. In most cases, this is the result of a Thoracic spinal cord injury. Loss of sensation in the lower body, pain, impaired mobility, sexual dysfunction, and difficulty with bowel and bladder function are symptoms of the onset of paraplegia.


Damage to the cervical region of the spine causes quadriplegia, which results in paralysis from the neck down. Due to the extensive number of procedures required, paraplegic and quadriplegic spinal cord injury victims can quickly become indebted.


This is why it is essential for victims in this situation to work with our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers who can provide legal counsel and assist in obtaining compensation from insurance companies.

Muscle Strain and Soft Tissue Injuries

Muscle strain is another common injury suffered in the back. During vehicle collisions, muscles frequently pull or tear. In such cases, the muscle may become damaged and begin to attack the tendons. Heavy lifting, athletics, and everyday activities can also cause muscle strain. 


In addition, repetitive tasks that involve heavy lifting or otherwise place stress on the muscles may cause muscle strain. Muscle strain is characterized by:


  • swelling
  • bruises
  • open cuts
  • pain (when the muscle is used or at rest)
  • loss of the ability of the muscles


As one of the most common injuries sustained by accident victims, whiplash can occur when the victim’s head is jerked back and forth rapidly. This type of injury is frequently caused by motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, falls, sports injuries, and other forms of trauma.

In some instances, whiplash can cause damage to the neck’s joints and disks. Additionally, nerve roots and the spinal column may be compromised.

Herniated Discs

Injuries to the neck or back caused by herniated discs can be debilitating. This injury occurs when the nucleus pulposus (the soft material within the disc) is pushed out. If the nucleus pulposus is expelled from the disc and onto the nerve root, the injury may become excruciatingly painful. 


Moreover, the accident victim may experience weakness, numbness, and pain. Herniated disc injuries may be caused by sudden stress, automobile accidents, or repeated joint stress. These injuries are frequently caused by repeated heavy lifting or accidents involving a neck or spine twist.

Back Fractures

Fractures of vertebrae can compress or pinch the spinal cord, resulting in pain and discomfort. Vertebral fracture symptoms include pain that worsens when walking, a curved spine, and difficulty twisting or bending the body.


Depending on the quality of medical care and physical therapy received, recovery from a back fracture can take up to three months or more.

Who Can Be Held Legally Liable for Your Back Injuries?

Among the parties who may be held liable for back injuries are the following:


  • Employers
  • Private individuals
  • Managers or subcontractors
  • Entrepreneurs or property owners
  • Local authorities
  • Producers or distributors of defective goods 
  • Coaches and athletic trainers
  • Medical workers or personnel (e.g., physicians, nurses, hospital organizations, etc.)

How to Prove Fault in a Back Injury Case?

If you intend to file a personal injury claim in California for your back injury, you must identify the responsible party or parties. Then, your personal injury attorney must prove that the defendant acted negligently or intentionally in a manner that directly caused your damages. Your personal injury lawyer must first establish that the defendant owed you a duty of care to act responsibly and prevent injury in the situation at issue and that the defendant breached this duty of care in some way that caused your claimed damages.


Our Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney can guide you through this procedure, assisting you in obtaining the necessary evidence and testimony to establish liability for your damages. Depending on how your back injury occurred, you may need physical evidence such as photographs of the accident scene or workplace video recordings. 


You can also request the testimony of any witnesses who witnessed your back injury. In more complex cases, our back injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA may need to consult with outside experts who can assist you in establishing liability and proving the full extent of your damages.


In many personal injury cases, expert witnesses are valuable assets. For instance, an expert in accident reconstruction can demonstrate how a car accident transpired and help you establish the liability of a negligent driver for your damages. So that you can recover maximum compensation for your injury, a medical professional can explain your prognosis and any likely future complications.

What Are the Recoverable Damages for Your Back Injury Claim?

Depending on the specifics of the case, accident victims with severe back injuries may seek some or all of the following types of damages as part of their recovery:


  • Compensation for medical and physical therapy expenses
  • Lost-wages compensation for time absent from work
  • Past, present, and future pain, suffering, and inconvenience are compensated
  • Compensation for past, present, and future mental anguish and emotional suffering
  • Accident-related compensation for psychological or psychiatric treatment
  • Compensation for lost earning capacity (where permanent back injuries are involved)
  • Loss of consortium, companionship, or spousal support damages
  • Damages and compensation for permanent injuries (including permanent back injuries)

How to Handle Insurance Companies Concerning Your Back Injury?

Here are some tips for communicating with insurance adjusters:

Be Wary of Whom You Speak To

If the insurance company of the other party contacts you, your best course of action is to remain silent about your injuries and the incidents in question.

Contact a Personal Injury Law Office

Contact our Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney and we will communicate with the opposing party’s representatives on your behalf. We can also communicate with insurance companies in a manner that will not compromise your future compensation.

Never Accept the First Estimate or Offer You Receive Automatically

Initiating the settlement prematurely can be a costly error. Consult with our personal injury lawyer who is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies. If insurance companies play hardball, our back injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA will, if necessary, take the defendant to court and maximize any potential compensation you may be entitled to.

Contact Our Back Injury Law Firm Today

Due to the nature of back injuries, you must contact our injury law firm immediately so that our Los Angeles Back Injury Attorney can evaluate your case thoroughly. It is essential to keep in mind that the insurance company is not on your side. Their ultimate objective is to provide you with the least amount of compensation possible. This is one of the primary reasons you need our personal injury attorney.


Abogado Maximo is committed to obtaining the most favorable financial settlement or court verdict for you. Our law firm represents and handles claims for all types of back injuries sustained by drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. If you sustained a back injury in any type of accident due to someone’s negligence, you have nothing to lose by discussing your rights and options with us. 


Give us a call now to schedule an appointment with a member of our legal team!

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