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Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney

Injured due to negligent security in Los Angeles? Find justice with our experienced attorney’s help!

Are you at risk in Los Angeles’ busy streets due to neglience security? A skilled Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney can fix this. Understanding the thorough intricacy of these issues, our attorney can assist you through the legal maze with dedication.

Abogado Maximo has successfully represented several Los Angeles clients. With years of dedication and a deep understanding of negligent security laws, we have helped victims achieve justice and rebuild their lives.

There’s no reason why you have to face the outcomes of negligent security alone. Contact us today, and let us help you navigate this challenging process.

Quick Summary:

This article discusses the role of a Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney in seeking justice for victims of negligent security incidents in Los Angeles City. The city’s busy life comes with the risk of safety hazards due to negligent security, and these concerns can be navigated successfully with our attorney’s meticulous understanding and dedicated approach. 

Key Points:

  • Defining Negligent Security 
  • Different Negligent Security Cases
  • The Dangers of Negligent Security 
  • Owner’s Liability for Criminal Activities
  • A Negligent Security Claim 
  • The Statutes of Limitations
  • Available Damages
  • The Need for a Los Angeles Negligent Security Lawyer 

Abogado Maximo’s Los Angeles negligent security attorney provides sensitive, strategic, and successful justice for people facing negligent security or motor accident issues. So, don’t do this alone. Contact our Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney!

What is Negligent Security?

Under California California Civil Code § 1714, negligent security falls under premises liability, making property owners responsible for ensuring the safety of others on their facilities. The code requires property owners to exercise reasonable care and security to protect visitors.

This law covers many safety measures, including security. If an owner fails to protect visitors from others’ hazards and someone gets hurt, they may be liable for negligent security. In these circumstances, a Los Angeles negligent security attorney can help determine if a claim is valid.

Examples of Negligent Security 

Property managers and owners must keep their properties safe. When this duty of care is breached, negligent security can take several forms. The following are major examples of negligent security:

1. Inadequate Lighting

Well-distributed illumination deters crime. It makes identification easier and deters criminals. Thus, poor lighting, especially in remote or dangerous regions, might enable detrimental acts to go undiscovered.

2. Lack of or Malfunctioning Locks, Fencing, or Gates

Locks, fences, and gates can prohibit unwanted access and define public and private spaces. Their absence or dysfunction might allow potential offenders unlimited access, increasing the risk of crime or harm to residents and visitors.

3. Lack of or Malfunctioning Video Cameras

Video surveillance deters crime and provides proof in the event of an incident. If these facilities fail, the property is vulnerable to unmonitored activity, posing a serious safety concern.

4. Lack of or Malfunctioning Alarms or Other Warnings

Alarm systems and warning signs let residents respond quickly to potential risks. It may delay emergency action and worsen harm if it wasn’t there.

5. Failure to Have Security Personnel

Active security officers deter and respond quickly to events. Their absence opens the property to possible attacks by removing rapid safety enforcement.

6. Security Personnel That Acted Negligent, Reckless, or Caused Intentional Harm

Security workers who cause intentional harm or are negligent or reckless are liable to property owners. It could cause unanticipated security events with long-term effects.

7. Failure to Have Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are essential in public buildings, hotels, nightclubs, and sports stadiums with large footfall or security hazards. Their absence can allow unauthorized people to access dangerous metal objects or weapons, greatly increasing risk.

8. Inadequate Security Personnel

A property with insufficient security staff is at risk. This could produce overloaded circumstances, unequal security coverage, and delayed reaction times.

9. Lack of Sufficient Policies and Procedures

Comprehensive security rules and procedures give structure and predictability beyond physical security. Without such mechanisms, security measures are uneven and inefficient, increasing security risks.

10. Improperly Trained Security Personnel

Security professionals should know threats, countermeasures, and emergency processes. When not properly trained in security or crisis management, they may struggle to prevent, react, or control an incident.

Many forms of negligent security provide unneeded and preventable risks to property users. Property owners and managers must prevent these security breaches to keep everyone secure.

What Types of Cases Count as Negligent Security?

Negligent security includes a wide spectrum of scenarios where property owners’ negligence causes wrongful, frequently criminal, incidents on their property. Let’s examine different situations:

Rape or Attempted Sexual Assault 

If property owners don’t provide enough security, it might lead to sexual offenses. It may include poor lighting, malfunctioning locks, and no guest security check.

A Mugging or Armed Robbery

Property owners in high-crime zones must strengthen security. Extra illumination, security guards, security systems, etc. A mugging or armed robbery owing to a lack of these safeguards may be negligent security.

An Unprovoked Attack

Similar to the preceding circumstance, weak security can allow unprovoked attacks. Whether a guest or a trespasser attacks, owners are expected to stop it.

Bystander Injuries in a Bar Fight

Management of a commercial restaurant or bar should have means to settle altercations that could hurt bystanders, such as hiring enough security.

An Overzealous Bouncer or Security Guard

If contracted security workers injure due to excessive force or mistreatment, the property owner may be liable for negligent security. To guarantee security professionals behave legally, force regulations must be validated.

In any of these situations, a dedicated attorney can help the victims understand their rights and navigate the intricate pathways of legal recourse.

What Are the Dangers of Negligent Security? 

The dangers of negligent security in Los Angeles pose various risks to individuals visiting premises that fail to provide adequate safety measures. Some of these dangers include:

  • Physical injuries: Inadequate security measures can lead to assaults or other violent incidents, resulting in severe physical injuries or even fatalities.
  • Emotional trauma: Victims of crimes due to negligent security might suffer lasting emotional distress, potentially leading to anxiety, depression, or PTSD.
  • Financial burdens: Medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses can result from injuries sustained in a negligent security incident.
  • Higher crime rates: Businesses and property owners that continually fail to implement proper security measures may encourage criminals to target their establishments, leading to increased crime rates in the surrounding area.
  • Reduced public safety: The overall safety of residents and visitors in the Los Angeles area is compromised when negligent security measures are not addressed, potentially leading to decreased public trust.
  • Legal ramifications: Property owners can be held legally responsible for not providing sufficient security measures, possibly leading to liability costs and damage to their reputation.

By being aware of these dangers, the public and property owners can more consciously strive to promote safer environments in Los Angeles.

When is a Property Owner Liable for Criminal Activities?

Property owners must keep their spaces secure. Some businesses require enhanced security due to their locations in high-crime regions or their nature, such as those involving large numbers of people, alcohol, or nighttime activities. A skilled Los Angeles premises liability attorney can help file negligent security lawsuits against property owners like:

  • Apartment Buildings: Apartment complexes are often the site of criminal activity. To prevent theft, robbery, and sexual assault, owners must provide proper security.
  • Hotels: Hotel customers expect a safe stay on the premises. Hallways, lifts, and parking lots can be unsafe without proper security.
  • Bars and Nightclubs: Bars and nightclubs require extra protection due to their nighttime operations and alcohol use. Owners must defend against crimes and handle intoxicated customers with security and emergency readiness.
  • Sports Venues: Safeguarding fans in sports venues is crucial due to the tremendous enthusiasm and alcohol involved.
  • Health Clubs: Health clubs are susceptible to theft and assault. Patrons and their belongings must be protected, especially in locker areas, to prevent physical or sexual abuse.
  • Parking Lots or Garages: These settings, often dangerous at night, should entail suitable lighting, camera monitoring, and trained security staff to safeguard users.
  • Shopping Malls: Shopping malls are common targets for criminals, particularly during late hours and holidays. Owners should provide well-lit parking and strong security to deter crime and safeguard shoppers.

How to File a Claim for Negligent Security in California

Here’s a general guideline to follow when filing a claim for negligent security in California:

  • Seek Medical Attention: In case of a negligent security event, requesting medical assistance is crucial. This protects your health and gives crucial evidence of the danger.
  • Gather Evidence: To gather evidence, take pictures or videos of the situation, note any security measures that were lacking, and identify any deterrents that may have led to the event. Your claim can also be strengthened by incident expenditures, perpetrator information, and witness testimony.
  • Consult an Attorney: Reach out to a knowledgeable premises liability attorney. They can explain California negligent security regulations and assist you file a claim.
  • File a Claim: To file a claim, consult your attorney to bring a negligent security case against the property owner. California premises liability law implies that the owner may have reasonably foreseen the injury but failed to avoid it.
  • Claim Damages: If successful, compensation for a claim may include both economic and non-economic losses. Economic damages include medical bills, missed pay, and property damage. Non-economic damages address emotional distress and life quality.

What are the Statutes of Limitations to File a Negligent Security Case?

Understand that you must submit a negligent security case within a certain timeframe. California law gives you two years after the incident to file a claim.

You usually lose your claim if you miss the deadline. This guideline applies regardless of conversations with the property owner or insurance agency. You may lose pay if you miss a deadline.

Available Damages In A Los Angeles Negligent Security Case

The possible compensation that can be received in a negligent security case in Los Angeles depends on the case’s specific circumstances. Typically, the damages can be broadly categorized into economic, non-economic, and punitive categories:

Economic Damages

This category includes quantifiable financial losses such as:

  • Current Medical Expenses: All costs related to medical care resulting from the incident till the present date.
  • Future Medical Costs: Anticipated expenses for ongoing or future medical treatments.
  • Lost Earnings: Current loss of income from being unable to work until now.
  • Future Earning Capacity Loss: Expected loss of income in the future due to lasting disabilities or impairments from the incident.

Non-Economic Damages

These are subjective, personal losses that aren’t typically quantifiable such as:

  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the physical pain and mental anguish suffered from the incident.
  • Emotional Distress: Reimbursement for anxiety, depression or other emotional trauma linked to the incident.
  • Disfigurement and Disability: Compensation for lasting visible injuries and any permanent disability resulting from the incident.

Punitive Damages

On rare occasions, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the defendant and deter them from repeating such negligence.

Additionally, in cases involving the loss of a loved one due to negligent security, surviving family members might be eligible to file a wrongful death claim to compensate for their losses stemming from their loved one’s death.

Why Do I Need a Los Angeles Negligent Security Lawyer?

Hiring a Los Angeles negligent security attorney can provide significant benefits when pursuing your case. A good lawyer in the field will possess the following qualities:

  • Thorough understanding of negligent security laws and regulations
  • Strong negotiation skills when dealing with insurance companies
  • Solid track record of successful outcomes in such cases
  • Effective communication with clients to ensure they are informed throughout the process
  • Compassion and understanding of a client’s unique situation and needs

Our attorney excels in all these areas and is dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible outcome in their cases. At Abogado Maximo Law Firm, we strive to provide our clients with personalized attention and tailor our approach to meet their requirements.

Take the first step towards securing the compensation you deserve by contacting us. You can contact us by calling our office or using the chatbox in the lower right corner to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorney today.

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